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About Simprosys 3.0:  

Simprosys is developed by Simprotek Corporation with a group of internationally recognized professionals possessing combined expertise on drying, process simulation and software development using the most advanced software technology, viz. Microsoft .Net and C#, in the world’s technology center, the Silicon Valley of California.

Simprosys 3.0 supports combustion drying, general air drying and typical enclosed inert gas (nitrogen) drying. It can model and simulate not only Air-Water system, but also Air-Ethanol, Nitrogen-Ethanol, Air-Carbon Tetrachloride, Air-Benzene, Air-Toluene, Air-Acetic Acid, Nitrogen-Acetic Acid, Nitrogen-Acetone, Nitrogen-Methanol, Nitrogen-N-Propanol, Nitrogen-Isopropanol, Nitrogen-N-Butanol, Nitrogen-Isobutanol systems.

Simprosys 3.0 includes 20 unit operations, namely solids dryer, liquid dryer, burner, cyclone, air filter, bag filter, electro-static precipitator, wet scrubber, scrubber condenser, fan/blower, compressor, steam jet ejector, pump, valve, heater, cooler, heat exchanger (which can be used as an evaporator), liquid-vapor separator, mixer and tee. It also includes a logical unit operation, viz. recycle, to simulate recycled gas or material stream, and two utilities, namely, humidity chart and unit converters. The humidity chart utility can be used to visualize either the state of a drying gas or an isenthalpic drying process. The unit converter utility can be used to convert any typical engineering units.

In addition to heat and mass balance calculations in all the unit operations, Simprosys 3.0 also contains a dryer scoping model for typical dryers such as flash, fluidized bed and rotary dryers.

Since different units may be used in different countries, Simprosys 3.0 has a complete unit conversion
system. Users can convert the inputs and outputs of a large flowsheet from one set of units to another
with just one mouse click.

Please refer to Simprosys Tutorial  for detailed a description of the use of Simprosys 3.0 for drying and evaporation process simulation and design.

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