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The Drying Guru to Guide Simprosys in coming years...

Simprotek is pleased to announce that starting July 22, 2013, the World's Drying Guru, Professor Arun S. Mujumdar formerly of McGill University, Montreal, Canada and currently just retired from the National University of Singapore becomes Senior Advisor to Simprosys and guides its development for both industrial and academic users on a global scale. Everyone knows Dr. Mujumdar as Founding Chair of the widely acclaimed International Drying Symposium (IDS) series since 1978, as Editor of the Bible of Drying: The Handbook of Industrial Drying and as Editor-in-Chief of Drying Technology-An International Journal. He has over 500 published papers, 3 authored books and some 70 edited book volumes. His knowledge and experience in drying area is simply unmatched by anyone in the world. He has contributed to archival drying literature as World's number one with over 250 referred papers on drying while the subsequent positions have contributed less than half of his number. His knowledge of drying and associated issues is peerless in almost all industrial sectors. We believe that Simprosys can advance at a faster clip and become globally recognized brand with the new expertise and experience we can bring to bear in our software development effort.

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