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  Drying Software, Simprosys 3.0 (Windows 7) Available for Trial!

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"Simprosys is a helpful instructional tool for courses in unit operations, mass transfer, design projects, etc. Consulting engineers, dryer designers, and vendors, as well as process/ production engineers will find it to be of immense value in simplifying their engineering calculations. With appropriate parametric studies and what-if calculations, one can use this software for optimization of operating conditions of dryers. Overall, it is a very useful and timely software package of special interest to both academic and industrial readers of this journal."

Professor Sakamon Devahastin, Associate Editor,
Drying Technology
24: 1533–1534, 2006

Simprosys is a Window based software package specifically designed for the heat and mass balance calculations of drying process and combined evaporation and drying process. It is also a very efficient tool for the design, evaluation and troubleshooting of drying systems as well as dryers and burners.

Simprosys can deal with not only Water-Air system, but also many other typical Solvent-Gas systems for industrial drying. Simprosys can model and simulate combustion drying.

Using the unit operations in Simprosys, you can construct any drying and evaporation related process and explore different arrangements of unit operations and experiment with different operating conditions. Simprosys can also model and simulate recycled exhaust gas stream and product material stream in a drying process. 

As a design engineer, you can use Simprosys to design drying and evaporation related plants. Based on design requirements you can quickly layout the flowsheet and compute the heat and mass balance of the whole plant and obtain the necessary process parameters such as the air flow rate to the dryer, the capacity and power requirements for the blower, the heat duty of the heater, etc. As part of the heat and mass balance calculation results the Thermal Efficiency and Specific Heat Consumption of the dryer(s) are automatically obtained. For combustion drying, you can obtain the needed process parameters such as the required drying fuel Flow Rate and corresponding air Flow Rate of the burner to the dryer, the Capacity and Power requirements for the blower. You can tweak the input and output values of different variables to optimize the dryer(s) and drying system. After the balance calculation is finalized, you then can choose equipment according to the simulation results.

As a process engineer, you can simulate existing plant by easily laying out the plant on a flowsheet and input the operating conditions to obtain the heat and mass balance calculation results. You can see how efficient current operation is according to the calculated Thermal Efficiency and Specific Heat Consumption of the dryer(s). You can try different operating conditions to optimize the operation. You can also use Simprosys as an effective troubleshooting tool to find which unit is not working as designed.

As a university professor, you will find Simprosys an efficient teaching tool for undergraduate and postgraduate students working on design and research projects in chemical engineering unit operations, food process engineering, agricultural engineering, etc. With Simprosys students can do what-if analysis which otherwise would take unrealistically long time to accomplish. You can also use it as a teaching tool to show students the effects of the input parameters on the output parameters for a typical plant.

Practicing engineers and scientists can use Simprosys as a self-learning tool.

Simprosys is extremely user friendly with an intuitive user interface with maximum protection to prevent users from making simple mistakes. It also has an effective tutorial to teach users step by step how to use the software to simulate typical drying and evaporation related systems. Users of this software will require minimal self-training and effort to use it effectively. Typical calculations of a process that may take a skilled engineer several weeks to carry out, can now be accomplished in several hours with Simprosys. 

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